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She loves the night

That’s where she shines.

She isn’t shy.

She looks looks you in the eye.

She full of sass.

Bold, honest, full of humour.

She flaunts her curves.

Straight lines do nothing for her.

She starts the party.

Celebration is everything.

She dances past midnight.

In all her finery and bling.

She is a goddess.

She shines bright.

She is Vixxen

She owns the night.

founder’s note

I first thought of creating Vixxen 20 years ago when I joined college. I have been a curvy girl all my life and have never found clothes my size. Barring some casual wear, the Indian market had no clothes for a girl above size 14, it was frustrating. I would label that the “dark era of curvy girl fashion.”

Even when the market opened up to international brands, there were limited options. That’s when I decided to start making clothes for myself. It led to me experimenting with different materials, textures and styles, and really understanding how curves work. And then the fun began. I believe that ‘clothes maketh the (wo)man.’ The right attire and the way one presents themselves can positively impact how they feel, and that’s true not just for me, but for all those beautiful curvy women out there.

So here's to curvy girls falling back in love with celebration.
Celebrating their size.
Celebrating their fashion.
Celebrating their lives.
Be Vixxen.
- Gayatri Singh

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